The successful implementation of the project will generate:

1. An acceleration factor for the adoption of the TAP-TSI specification and its compatibility with the overall objectives of the S2R IP4.
2. Added value and therefore an incentive to the adoption of the Interoperability Framework by participating actors in the supply chain of multi-modal passenger services.
3. The creation and delivery of advanced, information-rich “any”-modal mobility services by reducing the costs of ICT interoperability and therefore generating economic incentives to shifting ICT investment from solving interoperability problems to creating and exploiting benefits from digitalisation of the supply chain.
4. Contribute to the development of a competitive market of specialist interoperability solution providers through the provision of a vendor- and architecture-independent specification of cross-standard converter technology based on mature, open semantic web technology and standards and formal, explicit and machine-readable descriptions of conversion logics through a shared reference ontology.
5. Minimise the need, and therefore the organisational, economic and time costs, for centrally coordinated development and deployment roadmaps of the interoperability solutions, which currently limit the scope, the reach and the timeliness of the provision of advanced passenger mobility services to the market.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 730842

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